Phoenicia Finance Company p.l.c.

Bond Issue 2024

Bond Highlights

Phoenicia Finance Company p.l.c. (“the Company”) is pleased to announce the issuance of €50,000,000 5.75% Unsecured Bonds 2028-2033 (“the Bonds”) to be listed on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange. Allocation preference will be given to holders of the 4.15% Unsecured Bonds 2023-2028 [ISIN: MT0002081207] (“the Existing Bonds”) appearing on the register as at 23 November 2023. These investors will have the opportunity to subscribe for the Bonds by surrendering their respective holding in the Existing Bonds and will be receiving a pre-printed application form at their address. The Bonds are open for subscription by (i) such holders of the Existing Bonds, who will also have the opportunity to apply for an amount in excess of their current holdings for an aggregate amount of up to €30 million, (ii) authorised financial intermediaries in terms of placement agreements up to an amount of €20 million, and in the event of any remaining balance not subscribed to pursuant to (i) and (ii), authorised financial intermediaries pursuant to an intermediaries offer. The offer period is open between Monday 12 February 2024 and Friday 23 February 2024 for holders of the Existing Bonds, whilst the placement date for participating authorised financial intermediaries is Friday 16 February 2024. For more information, please download the Prospectus from the link below. Copies are also available from The Phoenicia Hotel and participating authorised financial intermediaries.


Amount:EUR 50 Million
Issuer:Phoenicia Finance Company plc
Maturity:30th December 2033
Call Option:Callable on any date after 30th December 2028 – 2033
Guarantors:Phoenicia Malta Limited and Phoenicia Hotel Company Limited



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